Our Top 5 Apps & Services for Biotech Startups

We recommend these services to startup biotech companies because there’s little-to-no learning curve, they’re extremely useful, and they’re cheap. Whether you’ve already started a company or are just thinking about it, check out these sites, apps, and services that can make your startup run that much smoother.

1. Quartzy: This website has saved both Lab Launch and our member companies a lot of time and money. Quartzy is a purchasing platform for scientific products that finds the best deals for you. No spreadsheets of quotes from various companies, no calling your sales rep to see if you can get a better price, just plug in the product information and Quartzy does the work for you. It shows you both exact matches and comparable products so you can decide if it’s worth paying more for a brand that you are used to, or if a cheaper brand will work. Plus, when you click “received” after the shipment arrives, Quartzy transfers the product info into your inventory! Oh, and did I mention that it’s completely free to use?

2. Xero: Accounting is a big consideration for any company and many biotech startups don’t have a full-time accountant. Enter Xero: A web-based accounting platform that integrates with most major banks and is way more user-friendly than Quickbooks (in my opinion). You’ll still want to work with an accountant on some things, but Xero helps you handle much of the day-to-day record keeping yourself.

3. Gusto: Gusto makes running payroll fairly idiot-proof. You get a reminder a few days ahead of time, click a few buttons, and poof! You and your employees get paid. Onboarding new people is easy too—instead of having to collect lots of information directly from a new hire, you sign them up on Gusto and they fill out forms through the web portal. Plus, benefits are integrated and many taxes are filed automatically.

4. eBay: Behold, the great saver of money! Truly, there are few things that you can’t find on eBay (and for those things, try Amazon). At Lab Launch, eBay is often the first place we look for used lab equipment. You might think that’s a bit risky because we could end up with a dud, but between the rating system for sellers and eBay’s own warranty, it’s actually not bad. Lab Launch members have bought perfectly good equipment including an autoclave, an FPLC, and an ultracentrifuge.

5. Slack: At first, Slack seems like just another instant messaging app—and in many ways, it is—but don’t underestimate the convenience of a quick way to contact your coworkers that everyone immediately knows is work-related. And the flip side is the peace of mind you get when you hear your text message ring tone and already know it’s not from your boss. Slack also has a bunch of available integrations and the whole thing is searchable. And that’s it! But the simplicity is part of why it’s so useful.

These are our top 5 apps/services/websites for early-stage biotech startups, but they’re certainly not the only useful ones out there. What apps do you use that you can’t imagine doing business without? Share in the comments below.

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