Lab Launch Inc. partners with BenchSci to provide startups time-saving research tools

BenchSci joins the Los Angeles biotech non-profit as a preferred partner to provide greater accessibility to time-saving reagent selection solutions

Monrovia, CA – (Jun. 12, 2018) – BenchSci, an AI-driven platform that decodes published figures to help scientists find antibody usage data, is partnering with Lab Launch Inc., a non-profit biotechnology incubator supporting startups in the Los Angeles area.

The partnership will allow Lab Launch member companies to access BenchSci’s platform, providing a distinct benefit to startups who choose to incubate at Lab Launch.

“Through this partnership with BenchSci, we can now offer our labs a tool that will save them time and money,” said Marie Rippen, CEO of Lab Launch. “Every scientist who has used antibodies in their research knows the frustration of trying to find one that actually works. BenchSci eliminates this pain, accelerating the rate of research and preventing startups from wasting money on unverified antibodies.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Lab Launch on a joint mission to accelerate biomedical discovery,” says Simon Smith, Chief Growth Officer at BenchSci. “Biotech startups drive the creation of many innovative therapies. By democratizing access to resources, Lab Launch allows more scientists to turn their ideas into products and companies. At BenchSci, we use artificial intelligence to reduce the cost of scientific experiments and increase research productivity. By giving Lab Launch incubated companies access to BenchSci, we’ll help them spend more time conducting research, and less time selecting reagents.”

About Lab Launch Inc.

Lab Launch Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to establish a more dynamic biotech startup environment in Los Angeles. Their mission is to enable LA’s scientists and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas in affordable, high-quality lab facilities, with access to services and a supportive innovation community to accelerate their success.

About BenchSci

BenchSci accelerates biomedical discoveries. Researchers waste time and money on antibodies that don’t work. This slows studies, destroys samples, and leaves patients waiting for treatments. Artificial intelligence can solve the problem, and we’re building it. Our technology helps researchers find reliable antibodies 24x faster and 75% cheaper. It now powers discoveries in 7 of the top 10 pharma companies and 910 academic institutions. Academic researchers can sign up free at Industry researchers can request a demo at

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