The Startup Chronicles: Volume 1

Every startup is unique, but there are many experiences that are common for new companies. We wanted to use these shared experiences to bring the biotech startup community together, and luckily our Summer intern had the perfect “aha” moment: “What about a comic strip?”

Drawing inspiration from classics like Dilbert and modern favorites like PHD Comics, The Startup Chronicles were born. Many of the ideas for these comics were suggested by members at Lab Launch.

We hope you enjoy these light-hearted pieces drawn by our amazing intern, Zahra Azhar, and if you have any suggestions for new comics please email them to

Lab Launch Comics (5)

Ignorance is Bliss

Lab Launch Comics (4)

Inevitable Inefficiency

Lab Launch Comics (3)1617

Hindered by Homonyms


Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for our next installment!


*Disclaimer: This content is not reflective of the opinions of Lab Launch Inc. nor its employees. Any similarities to real people or specific events are purely coincidental.

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