Lab Launch and Make in LA Announce Partnership to Create New Biotech Incubator

Lab Launch is excited to announce our partnership with Make in LA, the LA epicenter for hardware startups, to create a new bioscience-focused laboratory at the Make in LA campus in Chatsworth.


 This lab facility will add to our existing biotech incubator at LabLaunch-Monrovia, extending our reach to welcome more startups from the San Fernando Valley and western LA County, as we aim to provide a network of affordable, accessible lab space for all LA area bioscience startups.

Residents of this new facility, slated to open in early 2017, will enjoy all the same perks as existing LabLaunch-Monrovia startups, including all-inclusive / no-strings / month-to-month lab user fees, access to our growing network of partner service providers and partners, and a host of new networking events and opportunities in the coming year.


 Make in LA is Los Angeles’ premiere hardware accelerator, offering resource-concentrated facilities that enable rapid prototyping, product development, and mass manufacturing, in addition to expertise in finance, engineering, manufacturing, product development, and much more.

The addition of expertly-curated biolabs to the Make in LA resource portfolio represents a unique opportunity for collaboration between hardware and life tech startups, as more industries look to the promise of bioscience to drive effective and sustainable solutions for the future.


 At Lab Launch and Make in LA, we believe that the key to continuing Los Angeles’ culture of entrepreneurship relies on building communities of entrepreneurs and helping drive their ideas to the market.

 Through this partnership, we will create the first early-stage biotechnology incubator in the City of LA, and a unique, collaborative space that brings together LA’s most promising entrepreneurs in hardware, software, and biotech, all under one roof.

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